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Loly Vadassery

Loly Vadassery

As part of the executive leadership team in Datamatics Financial Services Ltd. Loly has played a pivotal role in redefining the role of HR in the Company.

As Strategic HR partner, Loly has aligned HR strategies to business strategies effectively and contributed to business performance.

She has ...view more
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"HR AAPKE DWAR" i.e. HR at Your Doorstep is one of the HR Practices that we follow in our organization.

Before I share how this concept works, let me ask, according to you in today's scenario, what is the perception employees carries about HR and the role of ...view more
Featured Best Practice(s)

Quinnox - Millenial Connect

Quinnox Consultancy Services is a nimble and agile Technology Driven Business Services Enablement partner for forward thinking enterprises. Our customers consider us their most relevant partner for driving digital business value, enabling industry platforms and solutions, and simplifying business processes. We accelerate success for our customers with our technology consulting, ...view more
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Buzzworks Business Services Pvt Ltd.,

We handle payroll, staffing, manpower and payroll software company handling around 6000 on our payroll working for around 30 corporate clients. Few clients life Flipkart, Amazon, Lifestyle, Moneygram, Thomas cook, Ratnakar Bank, Hatsun, Godrej, Standard chartered bank, etc., We also provide the payroll with complete technology at a normal charge ...view more
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Zeliant Consultants

Zeliant Consultants is a company committed to the advancement of HR solutions to growing companies. We are focused solely on enhancing the performance of our clients. We do this by leveraging our very best in talent, and processes in Human Resources. We use our proven methodology to deliver seamless, workflow ...view more
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Organizational Restructuring for a textile manufacturer

We have been entrusted with the task of Organizational restructuring with two of our noted clients in Vijayawada in the past and the task took by us almost a couple of years landing us in various other aspects as well. We will discuss one of them here.
Client 2: ...view more
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