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"HR AAPKE DWAR" i.e. HR at Your Doorstep is one of the HR Practices that we follow in our organization.

Before I share how this concept works, let me ask, according to you in today's scenario, what is the perception employees carries about HR and the role of HR? As far as I understand, they treat HR as one of the functions that enable only the transactional activities, having no authority when it comes to delivering the commitment in certain areas, completely works in favour of Management than of employees, people involved in HR are rude, they use their powers in the shadow of policy against employees, they are egoistic, they play politics, they are helpless and many other perceptions.

On the other hand, employees feel that people involved in HR also have the hope of being the conveyor of the employees, who can convey the ground reality in a neutral mode to the management and can propose or give a strong opinion for the betterment of the organization and the employees. Now, the question that arises is how many of us are really doing the job of the conveyor and putting efforts in giving the neutral opinion being in the neutral mode? How many of us keep our ego aside and support the employees and the organisation? How often do we act/think as pure Human Resource personnel instead of thinking as an individual employee? I believe we hardly do that and to do all this we require a lot of courage, with no hidden agenda.

We do the 360 Degree feedback for all the employees, but have we ever taken the feedback for our own function from the employees? The answer would be NO. Go on the field, interact with employees and you get the feedback.

If you really want to change the perception of your employees, who are the soldiers working day and night for the growth of the organisation, then go and build a connection with them, solve their queries/issues, be in line with the commitment you made to them, deliver the result on time, update them about their future growth in accordance with the company vision, tell them how important they are for the success of the organisation, acknowledge them for their contribution, connect with them as a human being and not as a professional, spend time with them, share their stories, help them to become visible in their area, show humility and create a chain of Unity and Care.

When we started HR AAPKE DWAR, we got a tremendous response and achieved great results. Let me tell you, we should consider our employees as our ASSOCIATES / PARTNERS /FRIENDS. They look for some attention and appreciation not only from the people involved in HR, but also from the Leaders of the organization. They are very honest, have emotions and just need some attention and appreciation from you. Do this and see the results! HR AAPKE DWAR is not only applicable to the HR function, but can also be replicated in other areas/function.

It is purely on the basis of my experience and in my opinion and it is a reality. Launch "HR AAPKE DWAR" in your organization and see the results.