3 Things That Are Absolutely Necessary For Effective HR Management

In our daily work lives the HR community has many responsibilities to shoulder. Training, recruiting, payroll management, handling administration, communication, counselling, employee engagement and the list is never-ending. There’s a lot we expect from the HR, and for them to deliver to this never-ending list of expectations, it is necessary we look at these three… Read More »

3 Reasons Why Every Organization Needs HR Consulting

Along with getting the right workforce for an organization, an HR consultancy looks after many other things too. From high-level support in administration, to presenting training sessions, to even job outlook and salary, these consultants are mostly hired by organizations that have the power and capital to invest in them. However, there are such benefits involved… Read More »

3 key essentials for employee learning

The pace of technological advances and constantly changing work environment has impacted organisations of all sizes. Organisations need to be consistent in upgrading their methods and processes in order to stay alive. One such transformation is from corporate ‘training’ to ‘learning’. It is quoted that the rate at which organisations and individuals learn may well… Read More »

Recognition or Appreciation?

Most organisations today are trying to figure out how to create an engaging workplace.  Employee engagement is a top of the mind issue for most companies and especially HR’s as they have come to realise that in order to stay relevant they need highly engaged employees. A recent study shows that engagement level of the… Read More »