Home Faqs


  1. What is CHROZON?

    Chrozon is an online platform for the entire HR community. Through its three core engagement actions of Search, Post and Discuss, Chrozon brings the whole HR community together with an objective to provide them ease of access in meeting their business goals. It aggregates HR professionals and HR service providers across India on a single platform.

    For HR professionals, it acts as a search engine to find appropriate service providers from our massive database, provides them a window to post their requirements and participate in discussions on contemporary topics.

    For HR service providers, it massively increases their search ability amongst the professional community, provides them access to posted requirements and allows them to showcase their marquee projects.

  2. What are benefits of registering with CHROZON?

    The current challenged faced by HR Consumers/Buyers is to identify relevant service providers and their offerings. The objective of CHROZON is to provide one-stop-shop to HR Consumers/Buyers to connect, discuss and avail relevant product or services offered by registered Service Providers.

  3. Who is a Service Provider?

    Any freelancer, partnership firm, private limited company or public limited company offering products and services related of Human Resource is a termed as a Service Provider.

  4. Who is a Consumer?

    Any proprietary firm, partnership firm, private limited company or public limited company wanting to avail HR related products or services is termed as Consumers.

  5. As a Service Provider/Consumer how do I register on CHROZON?

    Steps to follow for registration:

    1. Chrozon Home Page will have a tab "Login/Sign Up"
    2. On clicking the "Sign Up" tab, it will redirect you to the registration page.
    3. The Sign Up will 2 options for registration 1) Consumer & 2) Service Provider
    4. Select Service Provider/Consumer as applicable for registration.
    5. After filling up the registration details please click "SIGN UP" tab
    6. On clicking the "Sign Up" tab a mail Verification Notification Window will appear stating that a verification mail has been sent on the registered email id.
    7. A mail from Chrozon Online Private Limited Requesting Email Verification would be waiting in the Inbox of the registered email id.
    8. On opening the mail a link would be provided for verification.
    9. Click on the link and it will redirect you to the login page where you can login with your registered email id.
    10. Once logged in you will be asked to fill the required details about your organization and any other information such as case studies (Project Page), images etc.…. which you would like to share. (Applicable only for Service Provider)
  6. What are the dimension for uploading an image?

    For Logo = 170*170

    For Background Image = 1232*300

    For Client Logo = 137*68

  7. How do I update or view my registered profile on CHROZON?

    Every Service Provider/Consumer is allotted a unique Login & Password. You can log on to your account using the unique login/password, which will redirect to your profile page for any changes you want to incorporate.

  8. What if I want to remove my profile from CHROZON?

    You need to send us a mail on stating the reason for removal on registration@chrozon.com

  9. Whom should I connect for registration?

    For any registration query/feedback please mail to registration@chrozon.com

  10. As a Service Provider which category should I register with?

    CHROZON offers 10 different categories, based on your product or service offering you can choose your category.

  11. As a Service Provider, can I choose multiple categories?

    Yes, you can choose multiple categories, provided you offer product and services in the relevant categories.

  12. As a Service Provider, what if I have operations in multiple locations?

    CHROZON provides you with the facility to add multiple location address, contact person, contact numbers.

  13. What is Search?

    Search option offers the Consumer to connect with relevant and filtered Service Provider list of their HR requirement.

  14. What is Post?

    Post option offers the Consumer to display their HR requirements.

  15. What is Discuss?

    Discuss option offers an opportunity to initiate or participate in contemporary HR Themes.

  16. What is Featured Service Provider on Home Page?

    Featured Service Provider on Home Page is a premium service offered by CHROZON.

  17. What is Featured HR Professional on Home Page?

    Featured HR Professional on Home Page is a premium service offered by CHROZON.

  18. What is Featured Best Practices on Home Page?

    Featured Best Practices on Home Page is a premium service offered by CHROZON.

  19. Can I advertise on CHROZON?

    Yes. Advertising on CHROZON is a premium service. Kindly contact support@chrozon.com to know more.

  20. Security Advice

    We encourage you to be wary of emails that

    a) ask your personal, non-work related information such as Credit Card numbers or Bank information over phone or email

    b) do not provide valid contact information

    c) ask for monetary transactions, money-transfers, or payment for any employment/recruitment related purpose

    Before you respond to such emails, we suggest you to do a discreet enquiry and be sure to verify the legitimacy of the sender with whom you are interacting. Please note that CHROZON.com does not approve of, or represent any service provider or consumer sending such fraudulent communication, which in fact are a violation of the Terms and Conditions. We value the trust you place on CHROZON.com and are committed to making your experience safe and fraud-free on our site.

    If you have received (or receive) any such suspicious email communication from a possible CHROZON service provider or consumer, do report it to us at registration@chrozon.com