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Conducting intervention aimed at improving C Sat scores, Reducing Complaints & Turn Around Times

The Task: To enhance the customer experience to help the company regain the respect that they had in their initial years with regards to service. Improving retention and motivation levels by making the 6000 Service Technicians realise that the company was investing in their development was also an outcome that had to be kept in mind.

Our Performance: We formed a team to look after the delivery of the sessions across the country. A National Manager and Coordinator took care of the operations of the 34 regions across the country. A Master Trainer reported to the National Manager and was in charge of the delivery of the sessions across the 4 zones. The Master trainer had 42 trainers reporting to him, who conducted sessions on a daily basis across the various regions which covered cities from Tier 1 to Tier 4.

A countrywide Training needs analysis was conducted to understand the regional challenges being faced by the Technicians. A master content module was designed which was then customised as per the regional needs. A region wise Train the Trainer was conducted where trainers were taken through a boot camp. They had to clear the boot camp in order to be certified to be able to conduct the sessions. The pilot was run across 3 locations and data was captured from the pilot program to understand the strengths and the opportunities of the module and trainers as well as participants and the end customers in the region.

Customisations were made accordingly and the phase 2 and 3 were successfully launched across the country at 40 locations together, with each participant undergoing a 24 man hour of training on topics like Understanding Self and Others, Imbibing Positive attitude, overcoming fears and challenges, understanding the importance of Communication Skills, the Communication Process, Listening Skills, Questioning Skills, Presentation Skills, Business Etiquette, Customer Service, Assertiveness, and Complaints Handling.

Outcome: A C Sat survey was conducted across the country for the Organisation and the program lead to improved C Sat Scores as well as reduced Complaint Scores across the country at the Contact Centre as well as the Business Partner Centers. The success of the program led the organisation to engage into L & D activities for the entire service division every 2 years.

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